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DESCRIPTION: Saturday, April 03, Should we blame Yahoo?

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The Florentine Codex, a unique manuscript dating from preserved in the Medicea Laurenziana Library in Florence, is for the first time. significado de albores yahoo dating SEE PROFILE HERE - NICK "RITA" >>>>>> >>>> Click Here To Register codice florentino yahoo dating. (a) The memorandum of the meeting by the CDF dated 30th May Ignoring the " Yahoo" translation prepared by the Archdiocese, what the.

La obra de fray Bernardino de Sahagún y su círculo. Dra. Berenice Alcántara - 100 Percent Free Hookup Sites!

Saturday, April 03, Should we blame Yahoo? Why despite all the reasoned arguments put forward by defenders of the Pope and the Holy See does it still stand by its story?

Codice florentino yahoo dating critical Codice florentino yahoo dating is what was said at a meeting on 30th May in Rome at the Office of the CDF held to discuss the case. The attendees were the then Archbishop Bertone and his officials and Archbishop Weakland, Bishop Fliss and the auxiliary bishop of Milwaukee and their staff. The Background to the Meeting As a result of receiving a citation to answer Codice florentino yahoo dating of 1 sexual abuse of minors Codice florentino yahoo dating 2 solicitation in the confessional, Murphy appealed the citation to the Congregation of the Faith CDF.

The New York Times insists on characterising this letter thus: He asked for a cessation of the trial because he was 72, had had a stroke and had repented, and because the case was beyond the statute of limitations. The "letter" is set out below. It was sent to the Archdiocese on 13th July The memorandum is in Italian. A copy was sent to Archbishop Weakland and his Archdiocese at the time. A copy is below.

It is reproduced on the New York Times website. There is nothing in this Memorandum Codice florentino yahoo dating by the CDF which would give rise to the accusation that either Bertone or anyone at the CDF stopped the proceedings or ordered the proceedings to be stopped.

The "translation" provided by Yahoo and apparently relied on by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is entirely inept, inaccurate and totally misleading. It would appear that neither Bishop Fleiss or the Judge were fluent Italian speakers. If they took the "Yahoo" Codice florentino yahoo dating as what was agreed and decided, no wonder there was and is confusion as to what was discussed, decided and agreed at the meeting at the offices of the CDF.

Ignoring Codice florentino yahoo dating "Yahoo" translation prepared by the Archdiocese, what the CDF memorandum said is to the following effect. There were many cases of abuse: It would appear that in there had been a form of canonical process against Murphy by the Archdiocese. However the files had been lost. It would appear that as a result of this process he had been transferred to the Diocese of Superior.

The deaf community was eager that this case succeeded and had rejected pastoral measures to deal with the situation. The statute of limitations in Wisconsin did not permit Codice florentino yahoo dating civil action against Murphy because of the length of time since the abuse.

Murphy had no sense of remorse and did not appear to realise the gravity of what he had done. There was the danger of great scandal if the matter was Codice florentino yahoo dating and published in the press. The misdeeds of Murphy originated or occurred in the Confessional. Neither confirm nor deny what Murphy had said in his letter of appeal that he had already been tried already by the then Archbishop for the offences of sexual abuse with minors in In fact from what Weakland said there was a form of canonical process in but the papers had been lost.

Stress that the victims wanted some kind of hearing and condemnation: But was the system of canon law the way of Codice florentino yahoo dating what they wanted and needed to achieve some kind of closure? And if it was, were the personnel who operated the system of Canon Law in Wisconsin the ones able to deliver the relief under Canon Law?

Had the victims been promised too much about the canon law as a means of redress? Emphasise that Codice florentino yahoo dating "scandal" would be if the matter was publicised by the Press.

However the scandal arose in It also arose the lack of effective measures taken by the Church authorities since to properly deal with Murphy. The victims, their families and the deaf community had already been greatly scandalised by the actions of Murphy and by the inaction of the Diocese since Would the outing by the Press of Murphy and the Diocese not be a better remedy as far as the victims were concerned rather than the clearly ineffective remedy under Canon Law?

One perhaps wonders if the whole point of the Diocesan process was simply to head off the victims going to the Press and buy some kudos and save some embarassment for the Diocese. Is that why the memorialist noted that before the end Codice florentino yahoo dating the meeting Weakland again reiterated that Codice florentino yahoo dating was going to be difficult to explain the measures to the deaf community?

Archbishop Bertone then spoke. It would not have been pleasant for them. As regards the allegations of simple abuse not solicitation in the confessional there could not be a competent trial for two reasons:. He had obeyed the Archbishops. He was not a recidivist. No evidence had been adduced by the Archdiocese that he was. Therefore as a matter of law there were no grounds for revisiting the canonical ecision of the Archbishop in Canon forbade the trial on Codice florentino yahoo dating charges proceeding further.

Unless of course the Archdiocese could adduce evidence that Murphy had Codice florentino yahoo dating in the Diocese of Superior or elsewhere since As regards the solicitation in the confessional, the Archbishop stressed the difficulty of proceeding but it was not ruled out and the proceedings were not halted.

The Archbishop drew attention to the difficulties which were great:. As regards the first issue: Generally there are only two persons on the scene of the crime: Further, the proceedings have to respect the seal or secrecy of the Confessional itself.

The difficulties can be seen from the procedure to Codice florentino yahoo dating adopted, the evidence to be accepted and considered, as well as the points to be considered in imposing a suitable penalty.

You can read the unofficial English translation of Crimen Sollicitationis in full here on the Vatican website. As regards the second reason given by Bertone: It would be a major consideration for State prosecutors in prosecuting abuse cases in criminal trials. But Archbishop Bertone and his officials did not enter the meeting without having constructive suggestions as to how to proceed.

It was pointed out that if Codice florentino yahoo dating problem was that Murphy was going out of the Diocese of Superior into the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to say Mass to deaf communities, this could be stopped by administrative measures whereby Murphy could only exercise his faculties as a priest within the Diocese of Superior.

Bertone explained the procedure for doing this. One of the difficulties was the lack of true penitence on the part of Murphy for his crimes. At the meeting Weakland compared Murphy to a "difficult child". Weakland said that he was a "typical pedophile" who saw himself as a victim and not as the aggressor. Weakland undertook at the meeting to seek a declaration of true penitence from Murphy despite the difficulties.

One of the officials of the CDF Girotti helpfully intervened with a further suggestion. He made it clear that Murphy was under a duty to give clear signs of penitence. Otherwise he would be subject to trial. Bertone then made clear that Murphy could be Codice florentino yahoo dating to a period of spiritual retreat to see if he was really penitent or not. If he was not, further measures could follow including laicisation.

Murphy should be restricted to a certain territory for his clerical faculties. Murphy must be warned to show clear signs of penitence including a Codice florentino yahoo dating from Murphy of true penitence i. It was the CDF who proposed the way forward to get out of the legal logjam created by the strong grounds of Codice florentino yahoo dating put forward by Murphy. It was agreed that unless Murphy showed clear signs of genuine penitence, there was no alternative and indeed the Bishops were under a duty to continue the trial on all charges.

The case would obviously take longer to come to a resolution than that promised by Weakland and the Archdiocese. The alternative was to allow the appeal in part regarding the allegations of"simple" abuse and allow the trial to continue with a prosecution on the Codice florentino yahoo dating of sollicitation in the confessional with the major difficulties which attended that course. The "Yahoo" Translation obtained and used by the Archdiocese. It was this Memorandum of the CDF which was "translated" using "Yahoo" by Codice florentino yahoo dating Archdiocese and a copy was sent to Bishop Fleiss who was nominally in charge of the proceedings.

A copy of the translation is below. Again it is reproduced on the New York Times website. The major and most important differences are in the two versions of paragraphs 4 and 5 of the Memorandum. All three psychologists who examined him believed him to be a "typical" pedophile, the type who believes himself to be a victim. About this, the Under Secretary P.

Gianfranco Girotti, repeated what he said that the priest must give clear signs of Codice florentino yahoo dating otherwise he must go to trial. HE the Secretary Bertone proposed that he be Codice florentino yahoo dating to a period of spiritual retreat together with a stern warning that he should be penitent otherwise he would expose himself to the risk that that there would Codice florentino yahoo dating imposed on him more rigorous measures including the removal of his clerical state.

He would Codice florentino yahoo dating placed in the care of a priest as his spiritual director with meetings with him every one or two months. The "Yahoo" version of paragraph 4 as prepared by the Archdiocese states:. Murphy declared impeded from ministry; Three psychologists would have to examine him, decide if he is a typical pedofile, which therefore.

To the The Secretary, Gianfranco Girotti, stated that the priest must give clear signs of repentance, otherwise he must be appl. It is recommended Codice florentino yahoo dating Fr.

Murphy be entrusted it to a priest who like his spiritual director then would have periodic meetings with him every one or two months. There is no reference in the "Yahoo" version to Weakland trying to obtain from Murphy a declaration of repentance.

There is no reference in the "Yahoo" version to Weakland saying that "All three psychologists who examined him believed him to be a "typical" pedophile, the type who believes himself to be a victim. The CDF version does not state that Weakland was to have Murphy declared impeded from the ministry and that three psychologists should examine him and decide if he is a typical pedophile.

The "Yahoo" version omits entirely an important sentence stating the view of Bertone as to how the matter should proceed:. According to the CDF version, Murphy would be invited to make a declaration of penitence and exhibit clear signs of penitence, failing which the trial would proceed.

Weakland had undertaken to obtain this Codice florentino yahoo dating Murphy. If as expected Murphy would not do this, the trial would or in the words of Girotti, must continue.

It is only in the "Yahoo" version that the trial is to be stopped and Codice florentino yahoo dating new process for having Murphy declared incompetent to exercise ministry would be started.

How Fast Should I Run Away ? (a) The memorandum of the meeting by the CDF dated 30th May Ignoring the " Yahoo" translation prepared by the Archdiocese, what the. The Florentine Codex is a 16th-century ethnographic research study in Mesoamerica by the Spanish Franciscan friar Bernardino de Sahagún. Sahagún ..

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Who founded the Aztec Religion? I have to research about who founded the Aztec Religion and what date it was founded.

Anyone got an idea? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Well, nobody really "founded" it. Aztec religion is very similar to other religions in Mesoamerica.

The Aztecs had their patron deity, Huitzilopochtli, and then a ton of other deities that already had a long history in other parts of Central America. Many of these deities have Olmec origins, like Quetzalcoatl. YouPorn wiki

  • IDLE SPECULATIONS: Should we blame Yahoo ?
  • Who founded the Aztec Religion? | Yahoo Answers
  • Florentine Codex - Wikipedia
  • Bernardino de Sahagún and collaborators, Florentine Codex . Featherworking not only pre-dated the Spanish but also continued and transformed after their.
  • And heck, several of the prayers in the Florentine Codex are problematic to translate because they're possibly from a Nahuatl dialect older than the Aztecs. The Florentine Codex, a unique manuscript dating from preserved in the Medicea Laurenziana Library in Florence, is for the first time.
  • He was the first to define atherosclerosis and liver cirrhosis.
Codice florentino yahoo dating 1000 FRINGE YAHOO DATING A common Aztec religious practice was the recreation of the divine: They were the ones responsible for the judicial process. It documents the culture, Codice florentino yahoo dating cosmology worldview and ritual practices, society, economics, and natural history of the Aztec people. It is reproduced below. Some of these images directly support the alphabetic text; others are thematically related; others are for seemingly decorative purposes. The ethnobotanic section is an insertion into Book Eleven, and reads quite differently from the rest of this book. Codice florentino yahoo dating 359

The best-preserved manuscript is commonly referred to as the Florentine Codex , as the codex is held in the Laurentian Library of Florence , Italy. He worked on this project from up until his death in The work consists of 2, pages organized into twelve books; more than 2, illustrations drawn by native artists specify vivid images of this stage. It documents the culture, meticulous cosmology worldview and ritual practices, society, economics, and natural adventures of the Aztec people.

It has been described as "one of the most remarkable accounts of a non-Western culture till the cows come home composed. The Americans Charles E. Dibble and Arthur J. Anderson were the first to send the Codex from Nahuatl to English, in a project that took 30 years to wrap up.

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