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The Greek Septuagint translation of the Old Testament made Dr abimelech rendez vous dating. The Septuagint translators titled these books 1 and 2 Kingdoms. That division has persisted ever since and has even been incorporated into subsequent editions of the Hebrew Bible since the Venetian printer Daniel Bomberg's first edition of the Hebrew Bible about Dr abimelech rendez vous dating. The Jews gave the name "Samuel" to it because Samuel is the first major character in the book.

Samuel anointed both Saul and David, so in this respect he was superior to both of them. The writer did not identify himself as the writer in the book. Statements in the Book of Samuel imply that someone who had witnessed at least some of the events recorded wrote it.

However someone, or more than one person, must have written most of it after Samuel's death i. These features have made it difficult to date the book. Most conservative scholars prefer the view that Samuel may have written or been responsible for noting the record of earlier events in the book chs. Then some unidentifiable writer or writers put it in its final form later, perhaps soon after Solomon's death.

The Book of Samuel covers the period of Israel's history bracketed by Samuel's conception and the end of David's reign. David turned the kingdom over to Solomon in B. This means he came to power in B. Saul also reigned for 40 years Acts We can estimate the date of Samuel's birth fairly certainly, on the basis of chronological references in the text, to have been about B.

The first part of 1 Samuel overlaps historically with the end of the Judges Period that we find in the Book of Judges. Apparently Samson was born just a few years before Samuel. Samson's year judgeship evidently began shortly before the battle of Aphek B. Samuel's ministry, therefore, probably ran concurrent with that of Samson until Samson died. Saul began to reign about 35 years after Samson died i.

Samuel evidently lived about 30 years after that. Creation to Israel's move to Egypt. Israel on the Plains of Moab. The Conquest and Division of Canaan. The Amphictyony rule by judges. Judges 1—1 Samuel 7. The Reign of Saul. The Reign of David. The Reign of Solomon. The Surviving Kingdom of Judah. The Return under Zerubbabel. The Return under Ezra. The Return under Nehemiah. A main purpose of the Book of Samuel seems to have been to record the establishment of kingship in Israel and to explain its theological significance.

It deals with the Dr abimelech rendez vous dating initial request for a king, the establishment of that king Sauland the tragic results of that king's reign. It then explains the consolidation of power under a second king DavidGod's promises to him, and his decline in his later years.

The climax of the book comes in 2 Samuel 7, where God promises David an everlasting dynasty. The writer or writers clearly wanted to legitimatize the Davidic monarchy and dynasty. Whether and how the monarchy should be established are main subjects of 1 Samuel, and the question of who should be Israel's king dominates much of 2 Samuel. As with all the historical narratives of the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit's purpose in giving us the books of 1 and 2 Samuel was not just to record events that transpired.

It was primarily to teach Dr abimelech rendez vous dating lessons to the original readers, and to readers of all time, by revealing the causes and effects of various human responses to God's grace. This is clear in all the so-called historical books of both Testaments. We can see this as we examine the reasons God selected the particular events and facts that He recorded for inclusion out of the mass of possible data that He could have set forth.

Scholars have disputed what it was that the writer chose to emphasize primarily in the Books of Samuel. Some have felt his unifying purpose was to demonstrate the sovereignty of God. I believe those who see the record Dr abimelech rendez vous dating what happens to individuals and nations, when they trust and obey God's Word or fail to do so, have identified the primary purpose.

For the Dr abimelech rendez vous dating, their commitment to obey the Mosaic Covenant out of trust in God, and gratitude for His calling them to receive His grace, would result in God blessing them Deut.

However if they despised His grace and departed from His will, as expressed for them in the Mosaic Covenant, He would curse them Deut. Moses had explained God's "blessing" in Deuteronomy. It included fertility for the Israelites personally as well as for their herds and crops, and it included the ability to defeat their neighbor enemies and to enjoy peace and prosperity.

It also included other material and social advantages, as well as the enjoyment of an intimate spiritual relationship with God. God's "curse," on the other hand, would be barrenness, defeat, oppression, and many other undesirable conditions. In Samuel we have a record of how commitment to the will of God results in blessing for individuals, groups of individuals, and whole nations.

This commitment should rest on an appreciation for God's initiative in reaching out to undeserving sinners in grace. We also see how disregard for God's Word, because of a failure to appreciate God's grace, inevitably leads to blasting, a curse from God. These lessons are not new; the Dr abimelech rendez vous dating of Samuel are not emphasizing these things for the first time in Scripture.

The Book of Joshua is Dr abimelech rendez vous dating positive lesson that people who trust and obey God succeed. They even accomplish supernatural feats and prosper. The Book of Judges gives the other side of that coin. People who disregard God fail, become unproductive, suffer defeat, and sometimes die prematurely. The Books of Samuel continue the emphasis begun in Genesis and Exodus that Deuteronomy clarified, namely, that our response to God's grace determines our destiny.

The Books of Samuel are mainly narrative stories with some poetic sections interspersed. The main genre is theological history. Longman and Dillard have identified several major themes in 1 and 2 Samuel, including the reversal of fortune, David as king, David as a man, and the Lord's anointed.

To these I would add: Hannah's godly influence on Samuel and its effect Dr abimelech rendez vous dating Eli's lack of influence on his sons and its effect 2: The plan to terminate God's judgment 6: The return of the ark to Bethshemesh 6: National repentance and deliverance 7: Saul's effective leadership in battle Saul's struggle against the Philistines Saul's limited effectiveness in battle God's selection of David for kingship ch.

The reason for Dr abimelech rendez vous dating selection of David ch. First and Second Samuel are really one story. The translators Dr abimelech rendez vous dating them into two books for convenience, not because of subject matter. This is also true of Kings and Chronicles. First Samuel records Israel's transition from Dr abimelech rendez vous dating rule by judges to monarchy rule by kings. The key passage that explains this transition is 8: Two statements from this passage are especially significant.

The human desire that produced the transition expressed itself in verse 5: The essence of its uniqueness was Yahweh's rule over it as King. God wanted Israel to be a demonstration for all the world to see how glorious it can be to live under the authority of God. The real meaning of the people's request comes out in verse 7: The people refused to obey their King.

It is this attitude that finds expression in verse 5. This is the essence of sin, and it results in idolatry. Every idol is a witness to man's need of Dr abimelech rendez vous dating. When people reject the true God, they must put something in His place to meet that need.

Human beings must have a god. Israel turned from God as her King in Dr abimelech rendez vous dating Samuel. She demanded a king like the other nations. This book shows the immediate effects of that demand. One of the great revelations of 1 Samuel is how, from the human viewpoint, God adapts in order to continue His reign. That God has changed the rules by which He expects people to live, as history has unfolded, is a clear revelation of Scripture. Usually this change followed a major failure by human beings to live under the rules God had established for them.

These periods of history, in which God's requirements for humankind were consistent, are the dispensations.

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  • The Greek Septuagint translation of the Old Testament made ca.

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